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How Important is Pool Water Circulation

Circulation is crucial in various pool care processes. No matter how hard you try to keep chemical levels balanced, chances are you’d still run into problems if water is not circulated well. [...]

Design Options for a Swimming Pool and Spa Installation

A custom luxury pool wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor spa. The project location dictates the swimming pool and spa design that suits you best. In an area such as Southern California that [...]

Planning Landscaping Around Your Inground Swimming Pool

Your inground swimming pool is already beautiful as it is but it would look all the more inviting with landscaping around it. Guests would go to the pool area not only to swim but relax in the [...]

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How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump

Your pump helps you keep your pool water clean and healthy. It’s important to run it at least once a day to ensure water circulation. Stagnant water attracts algae and so does warm temperature.

How to Choose the Right Size and Shape for Your Swimming Pool

Installing swimming pool in your yard but unsure which size and shape to choose? There are several factors that go into choosing the right size and shape for your pool. But the most important [...]


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